Thursday, March 17, 2016

As You Start Spring Cleaning...

Organization seems to be a common goal among people, no matter who they are. If they don't have things in order, they aim to get themselves in a state of organization. If they are already organized, they usually spend their time looking for new ways to keep organized, or helping others feel that same glorious feeling of everything having a place.

I came across this article on Pinterest: "65 Things You Should Get Rid of Right Now", and I couldn't help but think about how true it is that we all tend to be collectors of something. Oftentimes "getting organized" is something people resolve to do in the New Year. At this point in the year, with spring practically here, I think this is just as good a time as any.

I encourage you to have a read through the article. It offers some great ideas on how to deal with these "easy to-collect" items. Some of my favourites are the loose change, the pens that don't work (friends don't let friends put dead pens back in the pencil holder!), the reusable plastic food containers, and the papers: bills, flyers, calendars, greeting cards, etc.

Organizational Tip from 101 Days of Organization Blog
De-clutter your life! You will be much more prepared in the event that you decide to renovate or move to a new home (especially if time is of the essence). (That's the Realtor in me speaking.)

But really: Let's un-complicate our lives! Get rid of the "stuff" that's not important and keep what has value. That leaves us with much less in terms of quantity, but much more in quality. If you can then focus on finding a place for these "quality items," you'll be able to enjoy them and their value so much more!


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